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Crypto Dads, Completion Of Our Roadmap

Crypto Dads, Completion Of Our Roadmap

Crypto Dads, crypto dads Every parent found themselves during a midlife crisis and fell into the dark abyss of shitty coins and expensive rock jpegs. Some made it with diamonds, and others never recovered. Join us on our journey and experience a thrill you haven’t had since a midnight launch party at Games top. Having a Crypto Dad grants you creative and commercial use. You earned it, champion.

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[Crypto MOMS]

[Crypto Moms are 8.791, unique and randomly generated pieces of art carefully chosen by some of the best moms]. Crypto Moms will remain included in the Gaming & Metaverse utility developed for Crypto Dads, and they will also get their unique utility along with this. Let’s be honest: getting started in the NFT space can be highly overwhelming and creates a high barrier to entry for those who want to get involved. Therefore, we have developed “The NFT Tool Box” step-by-step training program for the entire NFT space that will cover the basics of setup, how to buy, how to sell, and what to look for in projects. We are incredibly passionate about the Crypto & NFT community and believe this is a great way to educate newcomers and promote mass adoption.

Completion Of Our Roadmap

Part of our team’s inspiration to launch Crypto Dads had an impact on lives around the world. We’re proud to say that we’ve accomplished many amazing things in our time here. We are excited to keep building!

Crypto Dad Chris Giancarlo Knighted by French Government

French President Emmanuel Macron credited the former head of the US CFTC and outspoken crypto

  • Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, accepts French knighthood.
  • Christopher Giancarlo, Former Chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Accepts French Knighthood (Giancarlo Family)
  • A regulator’s pen can be mightier than the sword, J. Christopher Giancarlo has shown as he entered the ranks of the French cavalry partly because he supported cryptocurrencies.


Who once headed the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and wrote the book Crypto Dad: The Fight for the Future of Money,” has been named a chevalier French for a gentleman in the National Order of Merit with a Monday ceremony noting his cryptographic background. This honor reflects the great respect of the French authorities for their understanding of the financial markets and the potential of crypto finance, according to the letter sent to Giancarlo by the French ambassador to the US, Philippe Étienne, who presided over the ceremony. At the diplomatic headquarters. Washington residence.

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As Humble As I Am To Have Received the Award,

It remained incredibly satisfying to do so in front of so many colleagues from my time in government and today, as well as family and dear friends,” Giancarlo told CoinDesk. Giancarlo, who is now a lawyer at Willkie Farr & Gallagher and holds various board and advisory positions with crypto firms, stood before a crowd that included current CFTC Chairman Rustin Behnam and several other US regulatory officials. .when he was granted entry into the French order.

According to the organization’s website. This cavalry remained founded in the last century to honor people who distinguish themselves in the military or civilian world and includes 182,000 members worldwide. Giancarlo a US citizen descended from a French immigrant, was also recognized for participating in the Franco-American Academy. A bilingual elementary school program.

At The Ceremony,

Giancarlo recalled his tenure at the CFTC and praised the agency’s early support for cryptocurrencies. Our willingness to face political risk by greenlighting bitcoin futures reduced regulatory risk for legal trading and investment,” he said. “While another ‘crypto winter’ may be underway, I do not doubt that the future of financial assets is digital tokens. France enhanced its crypto reputation through granting Finance. Remained first European regulatory license last month to operate a trading platform and take custody of digital assets. Extending knighthood to a prominent US crypto champion can further bolster that goodwill.

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