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Bigtime Crypto, What is Big Time?

Bigtime Crypto, What is Big Time?

Big time remains a Multiplayer Action RPG Where You Play to Win With Cryptocurrencies and NFTs –

Bigtime Crypto, that’s a tongue twister. In other words, it is an RPG where players can earn cryptocurrencies in a virtual world, own SPACE, and collect digital assets. The developers behind Big Time have a stellar experience with contributions to big-name games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. Also, one of the founders of Den central and, Ari Melech, remains the CEO of Big Time Studios. Big time lets you partner with players to explore and fight across time and space, hunt monsters, and decorate your avatar and personal time machine with NFTs. Backed by an all-star team. Expectations are high.


  • 2022 release date
  • Buy SPACE now
  • knowledgeable developers
  • multiplayer RPG
  • collectible NFTs
  • Four character classes

What is Big Time?

Big time will remain released in 2022. Bigtime Crypto We don’t have a hard announcement date yet, but users who purchased one of the 12,000 VIP passes released in December 2021 will be able to play the early access version scheduled for early 2022. The game remains set to be free to play. The developer, Big Time Studios. It has stated that you can work your way up to earn SPACE and get NFT items through the game. You don’t have to accept it. The first explainer videos emphasize this point, so it’s not something we hope to change in the future. However, this can play a role in eroding the viability of guilds, as can academics. They don’t have to rent.

Big Time, Put is a Multiplayer Blockchain Game.

Big time presents something of an alternate reality, where the story is collapsing in on itself thanks to a great evil that you, and theoretically every other squad in the game, are collectively fighting. Additionally, players can participate in specific timelines involving accurate historical figures like Genghis Kahn, Billy the Kid, Albert Einstein, Joan of Arc, and the like. Though it’s unclear how these NPCs will interact with player characters, perhaps they evoke a setting.

The Game Is a Great Project; Bigtime Crypto

Implement crypto games of play to win, metaverse, and NFT. In a sense, it is fully embracing the ideals of Web3: decentralization and token-based economies on the Internet. At the same time, these aspects remain relatively new to many. Metallic says that people with no blockchain experience will start collecting NFTs that have real value without prior knowledge of blockchain technology. With 1,700 Reddit users on the Big Time subreddit and more than 191,000 Twitter followers, Big Time is generating some buzz. This is what we know so far.

Playing Big

Significant time is a cooperative action RPG played from a third-person perspective. Players can form six parties and explore a large 3D world and Destiny-style hub called Epoch City. The knowledge seems to take its visual cues from No Man’s Sky, Destiny, Fortnite, and even Skylanders. The time machines, which somewhat resemble portals to black holes, are used to lead the squad to dungeon instances, where a real-time combination of melee and magic-based combat remains to pass through swaths of enemies. These time machines can also remain decorated with player-owned NFT artifacts and used to swap character classes.

Players Can Gather Together

form a party of six before boarding on a journey into the game’s dungeons, where they fight enemies, overcome challenges, and collect items. The ordered items can be used to upgrade your characters or can remain exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat. The big time has its own NFT marketplace that allows players to seamlessly trade, buy, or sell in-game assets through its proprietary Vault technology, which provides credit or debit card payments. The gameplay includes timelines that enable players to use the same character to venture down class paths whenever they wish, furthering an expansive metaverse within the game.


Big Time is a crypto, play-to-earn multiplayer action RPG with NFTs that’s a mouthful. In other words, it’s a role-playing game where players can earn cryptocurrency in a virtual world, own SPACE and collect digital assets.

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