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Outback Trading Company

Outback Trading Company

About Outback Trading Company

Outback Trading, Outback Trading Company is a leading provider of all-weather outdoor clothing. Established in 1983, Outback Trading Company stays true to its reputation for producing durable, hard-wearing, high-performance garments. We remain committed to creating comfortable and durable clothes for the work lifestyle and functional fashion garments. Outback Trading has a style, and it suits everyone.

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Company History

For the past 26 years, Wilson King has brought Outback Trading Company’s search for outdoor clothing from literally all over the world. Today, Outback customers can be found worldwide on vast and varied adventures. We are a small company with international appeal.

It started with a trip to Japan to compete in the Inter-Pacific Pony Club Nationals. Traveling to a foreign country was a huge eye-opener and opportunity for 17-year-old Wilson King, a native of farm country Pennsylvania. His new passion for travel sparked a year-long trip around the world with stops in Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia.

Arriving in Australia

with only thirty dollars to his name. Wilson bought two broken-down motorcycles. He merged the best of both and began the next stage of his journey. One stop, in particular, brought him his first rubber duster as a gift. “The Oilskin Duster and motorcycle remained my only family while I was in Australia.”

When King Returned to the United States in 1978,

His future and career were still undetermined. One day, he grabbed his Oilskin Duster, fixed up his horse, and set out on a hike through the Brandywine Valley in the Pennsylvania countryside. It started to rain. Don’t worry. He had his overalls on, so he kept riding.

It remained then that he realized that he would be soaking wet without his Oilskin Duster from Australia. This find was fascinating for Wilson. Encouraged, he went on with Claybourn Brothers in Australia to manufacture Wilson’s first rubber duster. As a result, the first shipment of Oilskin dust covers remained sold out of Wilson’s Jeep Waggoner.

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Outback Trading Company was Born,

created from a man, his horse, and his feather duster. Today Outback Trading remains a household name among outdoor enthusiasts. The Oilskin Duster remains a best seller for Outback Trading and has remained in many styles of hard-working outdoor adventure clothing. Outback offers many types to loyal customers around the world. “We produce unique clothing that works and that people rise.

Outback Trading Company has sustained to produce line after line of impressive and functional apparel and outerwear, even in tough financial times. Every time there’s a slump, we tend to return to our roots and a more traditional lifestyle. Our outerwear reflects this era. That’s where we thrive,” King said.

About Domestic Trade

Outback Trading is an outdoor and camping store based in Helston, Cornwall. We are open from Monday to Saturday. We have a wide range of comfortable shoes suitable for walking and trekking, as well as sandals and flip-flops for more informal and relaxed occasions. In addition, we have a wide range to choose from if you need performance clothing, including Gore-Tex and other similar waterproof/breathable technologies. Our camping floor remains filled with tents, sleeping bags, and many of the accessories needed for weekend getaways, expeditions, and DofE adventures.


[Outback Trading] Company is a leading supplier of all-weather outdoor apparel. Established in 1983, Outback Trading Company stays true to its reputation of producing durable and rugged high performing apparel. We are committed to producing hard wearing comfortable clothes for working lifestyles, as well as functional fashion apparel. Outback Trading has a style and fit for all.

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