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Alchemist Trading Co, Trading Mechanism etc

Alchemist Trading Co, Trading Mechanism etc

 Alchemy Trade

Alchemist Trading Co

  • Beginner, intermediate, and also advanced levels
  • Course Summary
  • Smart money trading course
  • The internal compass series
  • Introduction to the Forex Series
  • Trading Psychology Series
  • Business Breakdown Series
  • All back testing sessions
  • Weekly recorded webinars
  • VIP access to discord
  • Daily trade ideas and also analysis
  • premium trading group

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Smart Money Trading

The Smart Money Trading course educates students on the true nature and also mechanics of financial markets. The series reveals a step-by-step approach to formulating a good trading plan by exploring clever money trading mechanisms and also sequentially combining them.

Students will learn a detailed business plan that they can apply to the market.

The curriculum remains delivered in our proprietary video presentation format that integrates voiceover, images, text, and also animation to create a powerful learning experience.

Students studying the Smart Money Trading course will develop skills that will enable them to make real-world profits in various markets.

The Internal Compass

The Inner Compass is a practical mindset and also success psychology series that explores current social structures and provides strategies for scholars to transcend them.

The series features a case study that identifies crucial trap points within the social machine and uses this information to devise strategies to increase personal success.

Once the Nature of the System Has Remained Clarified;

And the strategies provided to counteract the intense social influence experienced within the society, we shift the focus to core value determination. Our core values ​​determination process extracts and formats each student’s core values, giving them a better sympathetic of who they are and what they want to attain in life. This wisdom provides the student with a permanent knowledge of the direction of his life; That’s why we label it: The Internal Compass.

Introduction to Forex Trading

  • The Introduction to Forex series lays a solid foundation for less experienced forex traders.
  • The lessons in the approach focus on the key concepts that beginning forex traders will need to understand to succeed in their trading journey.
  • The series provides students with everything they need to comprehend the basics of forex trading clearly and concisely.

Alchemist Trading Co. The Coffee

The coffee

Dutch coffee remained created in the 1700s as a method. Dutch deckhand from the East India Trading Company used to brew coffee at sea. They brought this method to South Korea and Japan, where it took root and also became the cornerstone of their coffee ethos. When our team traveled to South Korea. We fell in love with the flat, chocolaty notes of Dutch coffee and also decided to bring it to John’s Creek, Georgia.

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Dutch Coffee

Dutch coffee is a 20- to 24-hour slow-drip cold brew method that uses a tower-like apparatus. Although it is a hard brew style, Dutch coffee lacks the acidic punch attributed to cold brew. Instead, you’ll taste a smooth, chocolate-bodied coffee. Dutch coffee is 1.5 times stronger than a standard espresso, with hints of berries from our single-origin Ethiopian beans.


Playing on the fanciful side of being an experimenter.  Our space showcases the fantastical ideas one can conjure up in their imagination. Making each guest’s experience with us unique depending on what catches their eye. Then, of course, we have our standouts. Like the amethyst embedded in our counter or the gold rock on our back wall that resembles a cup of coffee (or a gold nugget if we’re pragmatic). However, if you have extra time, take a closer look. And also you might find the Little Prince hiding among the stars or a watch melting in our display case.


Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations.

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