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Xel Slate, Features, Design etc

Xel Slate, Features, Design etc

Everything You Essential to know About xel slate.

Xel Slate, In October 2018, the Google Pixel Slate remained poorly received upon launch. It was mainly due to the poor performance of the Chrome OS tablet. Because of this, there were some negative reviews for Google’s Pixel Slate. As a result of this, Google decided to discontinue production of the Pixel Slate. The hardware itself was in perfect working order. Using Chrome OS on the Pixel Slate is a great experience. Made by Google’s first tablet and touch-only flagship Chrome OS device, the Slate, it was introduced in October of this year. Google’s Pixel Slate has remained discontinued in the three countries where it first launched after two years.

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Using the Pixel in Combination

With optional add-ons, it is a Chrome OS-compatible tablet that can remain used for work and play. Having a tablet and a laptop in one device comes at a high cost. The Pixel is Google’s latest product in the tablet-laptop hybrid market. It’s Chrome OS. Detachable keyboard, pen, and Android app compatibility make it ideal for productivity and multimedia.

  • Inches: 12×3
  • It has an aspect ratio of 293 pixels per inch (PPI).
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD
  • 71% screen-to-body ratio
  • 400 cd/m2 at its brightest

Costs and Configuration For Google Pixel:

The Google Pixel is a bargain at $599. In addition, you’ll get the Core m3 version of the Slate to save money and get the same amount of storage and performance.

Google Pixel Slate ports: Xel Slate

The Pixel comes with two USB Type-C ports. Instead of relying solely on cloud storage, the Pixel Slate can remain used in a modern work environment by allowing external storage.


Pixel Slate’s design is similar to previous Google products. Pixel Slate’s anodized aluminum body remains clad in a stylish midnight blue coating. Unfortunately, you’re out of luck: nothing on the back of the Pixel Slate except for the Google G logo and the rear camera. The Pixel Slate’s metal body is well built, and at 1.6 pounds, it’s neither too heavy nor too light. The tablet has rounded corners, curved sides, and curved edge glass.

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The Pixel is the same as Google’s latest tablet-laptop hybrid, the Pixel book, but it has a significantly higher screen size and aspect ratio resolution. In addition, the Pixel Slate’s LCD screen is sharp. To compete with Apple’s Retina display, Google uses the time “Molecular Display” to describe the screen. The screen, and marketing jargon, are fantastic as both a tablet and a laptop. In addition, the 12.3-inch screen is a good size.

Pixel Whiteboard Keyboard:

You must purchase a keyboard separately to maximize productivity on a Pixel Slate. The Pixel Slate keyboard costs $199, but it’s a well-designed accessory that does more than adding a keyboard to your tablet. In addition to being a keyboard, the Pixel Slate keyboard doubles as a protective case for your tablet. The exterior has a smooth, non-slip surface with a grippy finish that’s easy to grip. Also, because the pill feeds you, you won’t have to worry about keeping your keyboard charged.

Pencil for Pixel book:

The Pixel book Pen is another accessory that can remain purchased for the Pixel Slate. It was $99, the same one that remained sold for last year’s Pixel book. Pixel Slate is available in the same midnight blue this year to match Pixel Slate. Otherwise, it still runs on a single AAAA battery and has all the same features as its predecessor. In addition to writing and drawing, the pen can remain used as a laser pointer, a magnifying glass, and a selection tool on the computer screen.


Both the obverse and rear cameras of the Pixel Slate are 8MP. You can take pictures with it, as you can with most tablet cameras, but don’t expect it to remain better than your smartphone camera. Plus, you’ll make a fool of yourself in the process. Snapchat and video calls are likely to be the most common uses for these cameras. The Pixel’s camera loses several features from the Pixel 3 but uses the same machine learning techniques for camera photos.


The Pixel Slate was listed as “out of stock” or “no longer available” in December 2020, and on January 20, 2021, all listings for the Pixel Slate were removed from the Google Store. Google have announced the Pixel Slate will continue to receive automatic Chrome OS updates until June 2026

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