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HDMI Rf Modulator, features, Gaming, ect

HDMI Rf Modulator, features, Gaming, ect

RF Modulator

HDMI Rf Modulator, The HDMI to Coax Converter will connect your streaming media players (Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Roku, etc.), gaming consoles (PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc. .), DVD, Blu-ray players, VCR, laptop, PC or computer, etc. Newer HDMI-equipped components with older TV or video equipment. You can watch videos/play games/share images/old photos on channel three on old model TV (CRT) and also other non-HDMI devices.

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HDMI to Coaxial Cable Adapter for TV:

Convert HDMI digital signals into VHF (RF) analog TV signals, which are great HDMI extenders that carry out HDMI signal transmission over ultra-long distances. Then you can achieve HD video/picture sharing—programs on other televisions in different rooms or away from the HDMI video source.

HDMI RF Modulator:

HDMI F-type female ANT (antenna), input with coaxial RF analog signals. Plug and also Play, quickly and reliably connect your new HDMI devices to RF coaxial display.

HDMI Modulator:

Change the output screen up and also down as well as width, brightness, contrast, and chroma via remote control with zoom function; (picture quality will be lower than analog RF signals (more like 480p); NOT applicable to ATSC format !)

HDMI Input RF Output:

Please check your TV supports formats before placing an order because this Converter only outputs PAL-BG, PAL-l, PAL-DK, and also NTSC-M. These four TV formats if your TV does NOT support one of these 4, the Converter will not work! Also, this is an HDMI to RF coaxial converter, which does NOT work in the reverse direction. So please do not use it to convert RF signal to HDMI signal!

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What is an HDMI Modulator?

An HDMI modulator will transform each HDMI input signal into an RF (“antenna”) sign. This does not require dedicated wiring and also can remain routed through your home’s existing standard television wiring. As a result, you can view all HDMI sources in Full HD on all connected TVs.

HDMI RF Modulators

Thor Hdmi to RF Modulators Head Units is an ideal product for creating your CATV channels. Over existing coax to create custom cable channels that are easily distributed to all your televisions quickly and also efficiently. In addition, the best HD picture allows you to transmit any HDMI device on its RF-modulated channel at the lowest cost per channel.

Thor Broadcast has a wide range of options to deliver RF and IP simultaneously, performance options like the lowest latency on the market, and high-density drives to keep your headend clean. These HD digital cable modulators encode multiple modulation standards. Including DVB-C QAM, ATSC, DVB-T, and ISDB-T. Independent VCTs and encoders per input help manage and create a custom CATV RF channel lineup quickly and easily. All digital modulators can modulate various codecs in MPEG2 AAC, MPEG 4, and AC3 Audio.


An HDMI-modulator will transform each HDMI input signal to an RF (“antenna”) signal. This does not require dedicated cabling and can be distributed over the standard, existing television cabling in your house. You will be able to look at every HDMI-source in Full HD on every connected television set.

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