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Staples Print and Marketing And Services.

Staples Print and Marketing And Services.

We’re Here to Help. As an Essential Print Provider For Business and Educational Needs,

Staples Print and Marketing,  we’re here to help you fit in today’s situation with the business and also the printing services you need now. Our priority is you. Let us help you work, learn and stay in touch with special offers for these unprecedented times.

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Full-Service Printing

Discover the value and also quality of our high-volume printing services. Regardless of the size of the project you need to tackle, you can count on our experts every step of the way. And they are always here to answer questions. From presentations and also binding manuals tailored to your needs to guide you through the many options you have to customize, our associates can do it all.

  • professional binding
  • Presentations
  • manuals
  • brochures

Documents Printing

Do you need it fast? Then, visit us in-store for Express services. Print projects the easy way. Stand out as the professional you are with high-quality paper and also the help of our services, including binding, finishing, and more.

Five Reasons Why Printing Companies are Important For Businesses

Each year, nearly a trillion dollars is used to finance the global printing industry. This is quite impressive for an industry whose growth remains primarily driven by label and also packaging printing. The printing industry is estimated to be eight times the size of the video game industry and also rivals the highly influential automotive sector.

The Rapid Growth of the Printing Industry Can Contribute to Many Things.

One of the main reasons is the printing industry’s importance in business and also entrepreneurship. Many custom printing companies have remained known to help businesses large and also small along the way.

Why are Printing Companies Important to Businesses?

If you’re still wondering how custom printing companies are helping businesses, here are five reasons to help you better understand.

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Tangibility, Staples Print and Marketing

The printing industry allows many advertising materials, such as posters, brochures, flyers, business cards. And also billboards, to come to life. These are some of the business requirements. They are also excellent tools for attracting and engaging customers and also leads. Lots of tests show that print ads get more traction than digital ads. Studies also show that people find print ads less annoying than digital ones. They are also more effective as there is more chance of visibility and making a sale with print ads instead of digital ones.

Establishment, Staples Print and Marketing

Whether it’s printed brochures. Flyers, or a giant billboard, going physical makes the issue more tangible. It helps you spice up your business and paints a severe and no-nonsense brand image. You could also better and more creatively deliver the messages to your clients, clients, and audience. In simpler words, high-quality printing establishes your brand and helps your business gain more visibility from ordinary people. The more people see them, the more they will engage, which will help you earn profit and visibility.


Using a high-quality business card or brochure to advertise your company adds credibility to your business, as human beings are highly visual creatures. They take note of the patterns and the colors. They will notice if your product has high-quality printing and good content. If you can get through both, your business will be more likely to gain exposure and visibility. It will help you get noticed by your customers and potential customers.


The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced. However, printed products still have more lasting effects than digital ones. This is because, in the case of digital products, people spend some time on a page and then lose interest and move on to something else. On the other hand, in the case of physical prints, they would take some time to read them and might become more captivated and interested.


Online advertisements are considered more annoying than physical ones. Therefore, more people would be interested in reading a print advertisement, than a digital one. In addition, they are better serving tools and can be used to increase customer recognition and sales.


Allow 1-3 business days for pick-up in store on: Standard Document Printing. Allow 7-10 business days for delivery or pick-up in store on: Photo gifts and canvas prints, Allow 15-22 business days for pick-up at the store to be ready for custom cheques, forms and promotional products.

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