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Portable Massage Chair, Where They Need it Most.

Portable Massage Chair, Where They Need it Most.

Dolphin II Portable Massage Chair

Portable Massage Chair, With the Dolphin II. You lean back and let your body weight make an effort. Other chairs require you to use your upper body, putting pressure on your arms, wrists, and shoulders. As a result, you’ll avoid strain and injury and have the energy to spare after working with your Dolphin II.

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Delivers Lower Back Access, So Your Clients Work Where They Need it Most.

Clients feel more comfortable and do not need to hold any postural muscles. They can loosen up more entirely in the chair.

  • It allows your body weight to work for you so that you can work longer and more profoundly.
  • There are more position options than any other chair, so you can comfortably accommodate the most minor or significant clients.
  • The durable, powder-coated aluminum frame is chip-resistant and easy to clean.
  • A fixed welded base provides superior strength and stability for even the heaviest customers.
  • Weight: 20.5 pounds
  • Working Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Patent No. 5,762,402 and 5,921,696
  • All of our vinyl meet or exceed California flammability standards California Technical Bulletin 117, Section E UFAC Fabric, Class 1
  • Memory foam face rest
  • Dolphin II Instruction Manual
  • Dolphin II Demo and Setup Video

I Enjoy Using the Dolphin Chair and Progressing Stool In My Practice.

They have paid for themselves in a few months and are a joy to use.

  • Judy M / Juneau, Alaska
  • I love my chair! I highly endorse the Dolphin II massage chair.
  • Ernest R / Hallandale, Florida
  • I love my chair. I love how compact, light and easy it is to store. Also, it has excellent movement. So happy I made this purchase.
  • Greg J / Santa Monica, CA
  • My clients love dolphins. At most events, people stand and wait for my chair to become available. I’m usually the only one who has a dolphin. Just today, a client said this is the most comfortable chair he has ever been in for a massage. Also, the purple color is a great eye-catcher!
  • Larry S / Orlando, Florida

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All fabric options are stain resistant and easy to clean with mild soap and water. For more stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner, such as Formula 409 or Fantastik, and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Fabric Options:

Soft Touch (PVC) remains designed to be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected without damaging the color or finish.

Ultra Leather (PU) is a highly resistant, flexible, and durable material that dissipates heat and mimics the feel of genuine leather.

Orders Stand Shaped On a First-Come,

First-served basis. If you essential your order by a specific date, satisfy plan accordingly. When you place an instruction, you will receive a projected shipping date (2 days West Coast – 5 business days East Coast travel time). It would help if you also allowed additional time during periods of high order volume, such as the holiday season.


It triggers your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which exists to moderate the effects of the SNS. In other words, the best massage chairs help bring your body back into balance and contribute to healthier blood pressure and heart rate levels. Improved immune system function.

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