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Email Marketing Jobs, Benefits & Salary

Email Marketing Jobs, Benefits & Salary

Email Marketing Jobs, Benefits & Salary

What Is An Email Marketing Job?

Email Marketing Jobs, An Email Marketer makes original content that will involve customers through email. A straight male marketer creates messages for what might remain called traditional marketing strategies sent to a mailbox: postcards, coupons, special offers, newsletters, catalogues, etc.

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How To Become An Email Marketer (Plus Salary)

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An Email Marketing Specialist

It is an ideal job for someone with strong writing skills and an understanding of digital media. Email marketing allows you to create and select various email-based marketing campaigns. Knowing what steps to take may be helpful if you are interested in this type of work. This article explores what email marketer does, the types of email campaigns they can compose, and some tips on starting your career.

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What Does An Email Marketer Do?

An email marketer is a digital marketer who works specifically on email campaigns. Email marketers write emails, manage email contact lists, optimize email signups, and gather information about their target audience. They may also remain responsible for technical and design tasks such as creating graphics, automating emails, and basic coding.

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Kinds Of Email Marketing

There are multiple types of email marketing. Most of which fall into two broad groups. Some examples of email marketing subtypes include:

  • Welcome Emails – Welcome emails introduce a customer to an email list or newsletter and thank them for signing up.
  • Newsletter Email – A newsletter is a regularly scheduled email containing small news, promotions, and community engagement pieces.
  • Announcement – ​​An announcement email informs customers of important information, such as a change in staff or an update to your website.
  • Reengagement – ​​Reengagement emails remain sent to members of a mailing list who haven’t responded in a while to win back their interest.
  • Survey – A survey email is a questionnaire sent to customers asking them specific questions about your business.
  • Milestones – Milestone emails celebrate essential milestones, such as anniversaries, sales goals met, or a certain number of people signing up for an email list.
  • Promotional Emails – Promotional emails announce a particular promotion, such as a big sale or a partnership with another company.

How To Become an Email Marketer

Here are some steps to becoming an email marketer:

1. Get a College Degree

While becoming an email marketer with just a high school diploma is possible, most positions require a bachelor’s degree in a digital media-related major. Typical specialties for marketers are communications, business, advertising, or marketing. You may also consider a degree in design or computer science because the position requires knowledge of software programs and automation processes.

2. Find an Internship

A marketing internship can teach digital media practices and improve your professional connections. Most email marketers work as independent contractors, so there may not be any internships specific to that job. However, training in a similar field can teach you valuable skills and show a potential employer that you have relevant digital marketing experience. For example, consider internships for social media management, public relations, or advertising.

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3. Consider a Certification Program

While no certification is required to become an email marketer, a certificate in email marketing or a similar field may interest an employer and increase your chance of an interview. Many online certification programs have courses in email marketing, marketing analytics


Getting hired in Digital Marketing should be easy. There are more open job postings than qualified candidates. With more demand for skills than supply, the market is ripe for anyone looking to get a job as a digital marketer.

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