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Save Data When Using Facebook

Save Data When Using Facebook

How To Activate The Facebook Data Saving Tool

Save Data When Using Facebook, If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, you can quickly burn through your mobile data just by scrolling through previous images and automatically playing videos. To limit the damage, turn on Facebook’s data saver tool.

Facebook Data Saver fills your feed with smaller, compressed versions of images as you scroll, so each new post doesn’t consume as much data. Data Saver also prevents videos from auto-playing, which you can turn off separately if you prefer. You can also set the Data saver to turn on only when you’re not using Wi-Fi. That way, even if you like auto play videos, you can at least make sure Facebook only plays them when it has data to spare.

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At First. You Will Only See a Switch On this Page. Touch it to Enable the Data Saver.

After you enable Data saver, a second option appears called “Always turn off Data saver on Wi-Fi” and is enabled by default. When enabled, this option turns off Data Saver whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network. So, if you want to keep saving data while connected to Wi-Fi (i.e., use Data Saver all the time), turn this option off.

That’s all about it! Of course, this isn’t the only way to save data (and you can check out our guides on protecting even more data for Android and iOS here), but it will help a bit, especially if you browse Facebook on the go. Frequently.

Do You distinguish How Much Mobile Data Facebook consumes?

Social networks seem to be a significant consumer of data.

Mobile Internet usage is on the rise. For starters, we Belgians are increasingly using the Internet on the go. Also, it seems like we’re using more and more data as we do it. Consuming more than a gigabyte per person each month is no longer exceptional. But do you know

What Exactly All That Mobile Data Used For?

Well, it seems Facebook is a big data glutton. According to a recent review, an hour spent scrolling through Facebook, for example, would consume around 100 MB of mobile data. But, of course, that is logical since there are currently so many exciting things to see.

But anyway. I dug a little unfathomable to find out what is causing data usage on Facebook to spike so much.

Videos Are Also Live.

Video clips remain growing in number on Facebook. News sites, for example, continually share moving images, but your best friends probably share their funniest escapades regularly on their timelines. So there remain many exciting things to see.

And For Some Time,

There is also Facebook Live, where you can follow the events closely. By the way, Facebook Stories will also remain added soon: it will be an equivalent of Snapchat that will allow you to share your photos and videos in the form of stories with your Facebook friends.

Recent data shows that we consume about 8,000 million video clips a day in this way. That equates to over 100 million hours of viewing enjoyment.

The Useful Auto play Function

But there’s more. When you get to the news digest, Facebook also downloads all the videos for you. That is an advantage because this way, you no longer have to wait until the images have remained downloaded. But of course, this also results in additional mobile data usage.

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