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Home Of Economy, The First Discount Store.

Home Of Economy, The First Discount Store.

Start Off the Economy

Home Of Economy, Founder

Automotive supplies to garden supplies, baking supplies to outdoor clothing, tires to toys. Home of Economy has it at the lowest prices guaranteed if you need it! Originating in 1939 in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, by Bob Kiesau and his wife, Jean, Home of Economy remained initially an auto parts wholesale business. Then, in February 1940, Bob opened a store in Grand Forks, North Dakota, resurfacing used tires nightly and selling them throughout the day. In the years since. Home Of Economy has grown to comprise stores in other North Dakota cities, counting Grafton, Devils Freshwater, Minot, Williston, Jamestown, and Watford City.

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Home of Economy is Careful By Many To Be The First Discount Store.

Before the Home of Economy discount program, free trade laws required retailers to sell at high fixed prices, and only fleet operators with five or more machines could receive discounts. So in 1950, Bob Kiesau sent his employees to every county seat in the business area to copy the names and addresses of every taxpayer who had listed three or more tractors or combines. He assumed that each farmer would have at least one car and one truck that would not remain listed on the tax report.

From This List,

he mailed a fleet ID card to each farmer, allowing them to shop at fleet discounts. On December 3, 1987, a fire destroyed the store in Grand Forks. Even as the fire burned, management arranged to rent a temporary headquarters open for work the following day. The store was back in business in three separate temporary locations less than a week after the fire started. On September 19, 1988, the current state-of-the-art store unlocked its doors.

When the Urban of Grand Forks Flooded in 1997,

Home of Economy remained the only store that stayed open daily to help our customers. Navigating the flooded streets using our fleet of trucks and a borrowed loader, the merchandise remained moved to a temporary location out of reach of the floodwaters. As a result, the home Of Economy was the only provider of essential items to fight the flood, and for the cleanup effort, the rest of the city was closed.

As We Enter Our 79th Year,

Home of Economy has expanded far beyond our beginnings, but our goal has never changed: always providing every customer with the products and services they need at guaranteed lowest prices!

Locally owned and operated since 1940. Home of Economy has expanded dramatically. Still, its goal has never changed: to provide every customer with the products and services they need, from auto supplies, Amish furniture, bakeware, and outerwear to tires. , toys, and much more at reasonable prices.

Founded In 1954,

Mid-States Distributing Company has become one of the nation’s largest retailers in the farm store channel. Mid-States currently has 36 members, employing more than 30,000 associates, with approximately 700 stores in 33 states and 5 Canadian provinces with annual sales of more than $6.5 billion.

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