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Economy Pharmacy, The Evolution of Pharmacy.

Economy Pharmacy, The Evolution of Pharmacy.


Economy Pharmacy, Economy Pharmacy Remains a locally owned and also operated pharmacy in Tulsa and Muskogee dedicated to personal, prompt, and also professional service designed to meet the needs of our customers. As a full-service compounding pharmacy, we pride ourselves on providing the highest personalized care to our customers that you can only get from a community member.

At Economy Pharmacy,

We work with your busy lifestyle; we offer 5-minute prescriptions, online prescription refills, and prescription delivery options. As a full-service compounding pharmacy in South Tulsa and Muskogee, Economy Pharmacy gives physicians the flexibility to order medications to meet each patient’s specific needs. In addition, our compounding pharmacists can prepare unique dosage forms for optimal results for each individual and dosage forms that are not commercially available, such as transdermal gels and lollipops.

We look forward to helping you. So when you stop at Economy Pharmacy for a visit, please browse through our selection of gifts and also treat yourself a bite of our delicious fudge.

A Hospital Pharmacist Plays a Vital role in your Healthcare Team.

Most people associate the pharmacy with dispensing and also supplying over-the-counter (OTC) medications. In the past, patients could leave a hospital without seeing, speaking, or even thinking about a vital member of the hospital’s healthcare team: the pharmacist. Hidden from patients, pharmacists often dispense medications prescribed by doctors and also administered by nurses. Today, however, the roles of the hospital pharmacist are evolving, and an ever-changing healthcare environment remains driven by an increased focus on reducing the cost of care and improving health outcomes.

What is The Role of the Pharmacist?

The pharmacist is the custodian of medications and pharmaceuticals throughout the hospital. Therefore, procurement and also distribution are critical in delivering quality, cost-effective pharmaceutical care. In an era of worrying growth in antimicrobial resistance, infections are becoming increasingly difficult to treat. Pharmacists ensure that antimicrobials, like antibiotics, are used responsibly in our hospitals and only when needed. In addition, they provide that the combination and duration of antimicrobial therapy are appropriate for each patient to optimize treatment and also that it remains discontinued when no longer needed to prevent further increase in antimicrobial resistance.

What Does a Clinical Pharmacist Do?

According to the South African Society of Clinical Pharmacy (SASOCP). Clinical pharmacy Remains an area of ​​pharmacy involved with science, practice, activity. And service to develop and promote the rational and appropriate use of medicines, in the interest of the patient and community.’ In addition, they are responsible for:

The Evolution of Pharmacy.

Hospital pharmacy has evolved from being primarily dispensary-based to floor-level and bedside pharmacy services. Making pharmacists part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team caring for patients. A clinical pharmacist remains more directly involved in patient care and is actively involved in making decisions in terms of optimal therapy as part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team. Clinical pharmacists bring pharmacy services to the ward. Making rounds with physicians, advising on medications and treatment regimens, listening to patient concerns, and answering questions to improve outcomes.

How Do You Become A Clinical pharmacist?

[One of the biggest challenges facing the pharmaceutical sector in South Africa and many other countries worldwide is the shortage of pharmacists]. The pharmacy degree involves four years of college study, one year of internship, and one year of community service. To become a clinical pharmacist, in addition to the B. Pharm degree, a master’s degree in clinical pharmacy must remain completed. Unfortunately, there are currently minimal opportunities to study clinical pharmacy in South Africa as the entries are extremely small.


pharmacy Remain called compliance packaging. And what it remains a prefilled med planner that has everything that the patient takes already all in it. So for  patient needs is already in there It doesn’t matter because if it’s in here. That’s how they’re supposed to take it, and it will have the prescriber’s information on here. This really helps decrease med errors. [It really helps if you are a loved one or a family member having to go over to fill a med planner for a patient or a loved one]. It just makes life a lot easier instead of you going over or them

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