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Earthbound Trading

Earthbound Trading

Land Trading Company

Earthbound Trading, How Earthbound Trading remains unifying supply chain data and software for omnichannel with Retail Pro

I remained amazed at how Retail Pro Prism works because the platform is exactly what we need. The last part of the puzzle in our technology strategy is to send that information to Retail Pro Prism, and because it’s API-based, everything can remain integrated.

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One of the tenets of outstanding service is providing clear communication with customers. To meet that goal, retailers must first have excellent two-way communication with their suppliers. The data, and its analysis, must not only be accurate but also shared with suppliers. When expectations are clear, retailers can expect to deliver a high-quality customer experience.

Today’s shoppers also want a lot of information about the products they are interested in buying. More than simply wondering about cost, customers routinely ask questions about products’ origin, fair trade status, material, etc. For retailers, collecting that kind of specific information for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of products and then communicating it to multiple stores. And for customers, it’s a vast IT task.

Earthbound Trading Co.

Identified that challenge and knew that addressing it properly would tremendously benefit revenue and customer experience, which is why the retailer chose Retail Pro POS and retail management software as the strong backbone of their strategy. Technological.

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Earthbound Trading is a lifestyle retailer selling an eclectic mix of globally sourced products focused on minerals, native art, handmade items, essential oils, incense, and jewelry. Its 136 stores remain within regional malls, tourist markets, and outlet centers across the US.

“Clients in today’s world ask for a lot of information, so we have to provide it,” said Marcelo Fleitas, vice president of information technology for Earthbound Trading.

But At The Time,

They didn’t have the technological tools to do it.

In 2001, Fleitas explained. Earthbound had five computers, dial-up Internet service (yes, it was AOL), and merchandise remained restocked by faxing orders to headquarters. Products remained stored in a warehouse, visually counted, and tracked using spreadsheets. Despite having 30 stores, no formal analyzes remained conducted. Instead, feedback remained given by managers over the phone. The entire infrastructure was not compatible with the technology. “It was horrible,” he commented.

The company still did very well but realized that technology would make operations efficient.

Retail Pro Launch

“The first thing we did stand buying the Retail Pro POS software,” said Fleitas. Next, earthbound Trading worked with their Retail Pro Commercial Spouse, Retail Information Systems, for all their software needs. “We wanted to tailor the user interface to our workflows, and you can easily do that with Retail Pro. In addition, we needed to send information to our overseas suppliers more efficiently.”

The company Initially used Retail Pro 8 Throughout its Business.

It remained flexible and easy to use. Within a few years, he upgraded to the newest product, Retail Pro 9, a “true game changer.” The platform developed the foundation for modules such as bank reconciliation tools and store replenishment. And it was importing shipping and payment information.

The analysis made possible with Retail Pro made weekly replenishment a breeze. “When we started using the replenishment functionality in Retail Pro, we saw the business grow 20 percent,” said Freitas.


Earthbound Trading is a lifestyle retailer that sells an eclectic mix of globally sourced products and focuses on minerals, native art, hand-crafted items, essential oils, incense and jewelry. Its 136 stores are found within regional shopping malls, tourist markets and outlet centers in the US.

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